Mon May 27 2019 02:31:59
It worked yesterday

34 bugs found.
ID Sev Pri OS Assignee Status Resolution Summary
7743 cri P5 Othe NEW Reports are not completed
7745 enh P5 Othe NEW Local support party is not attend
6530 nor P5 Othe NEW Highlight every main labels
7744 min P5 Othe NEW Translation issues
7746 blo P1 Othe RESO FIXE Mixed Location
3125 nor P3 Othe RESO FIXE Data fetching plan - DQI Iteration 3
6154 maj P3 Othe RESO INVA Access denied - CRM - Dep Verification
6171 maj P3 Othe RESO FIXE JBoss config errors - CRM - Dep Verification
6178 maj P3 Othe RESO FIXE manual interaction need - Dep Verification
6179 maj P3 Othe RESO FIXE manual interaction need for mysql - Dep Verification
6180 maj P3 Othe RESO FIXE init.d file - Dep Verification
6182 maj P3 Othe RESO FIXE apache and mysql are in single server - Dep Verification
6183 maj P3 Othe RESO DUPL mysql not a service - Dep Verification
6184 maj P3 Othe RESO FIXE jboss init.d missing - Dep Verification
6185 maj P3 Othe RESO FIXE jboss failover - Dep Verification
6218 min P3 Othe RESO FIXE Service down proceedure - Dep Verification
6223 maj P3 Othe RESO FIXE Bootstrapping of services - Dep Verification
7741 nor P5 Othe RESO FIXE System performance issues with respect to CRM/INP
6186 enh P5 Othe RESO FIXE errors in jboss startup script - Dep Verification
6630 enh P5 Othe RESO DEFE Create a Samurdhi society
7748 blo P1 Othe CLOS FIXE Displaying incorrect location hierachy for loging user
2617 maj P2 Othe CLOS FIXE DECIMAL used inappropreately
2450 maj P3 Othe CLOS FIXE Licensing compatibility
4054 maj P3 Othe CLOS DUPL Bootstrapping of services - DQI Iteration 3
3123 nor P3 Othe CLOS DUPL Expected data volumes for reports - DQI Iteration 3
6181 cri P3 Othe CLOS INVA mySql not password protected - Dep Verification
7742 blo P5 Othe CLOS FIXE CRM is not dynamically integrated with HRM
6496 cri P5 Othe CLOS INVA Login error in create GND
6529 maj P5 Othe CLOS FIXE Label Order
6532 nor P5 Othe CLOS FIXE In Industries
6533 nor P5 Othe CLOS FIXE Organizaation and Industries
6534 nor P5 Othe CLOS FIXE Geographical Assets
6535 nor P5 Othe CLOS FIXE Villages Tab
6586 cri P5 Othe CLOS DEFE Location code database
34 bugs found.
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