Sun May 26 2019 14:28:58
It's hard enough to find an error in your code when you're looking for it; it's even harder when you've assumed your code is error-free. - Steve McConnell

13 bugs found.
ID Sev Pri OS Assignee Status Resolution Summary
6625 maj P3 Othe NEW SSO - LDAP - DQI2
6626 maj P3 Othe NEW CRM Integration - DQI 2
6874 nor P3 Othe NEW Bar code setup details - DQI2
6295 maj P3 Othe NEW Periodic critical processing cycles - DQI
6301 maj P3 Othe NEW Stamp printing - DQI
6302 maj P3 Othe NEW SSO - DQI
6329 maj P3 Othe NEW design traceability - DQI
6330 cri P2 Othe REOP Design documents for all requirements - DQI
6297 maj P3 Othe REOP Reports via WS - DQI
6299 maj P3 Othe REOP Notification delivery - DQI
6296 maj P3 Othe REOP Reporting solution - DQI
6298 maj P3 Othe REOP beneficiary sync across IMESS and eSamurdhi - DQI
6300 maj P3 Othe REOP Integrations - DQI
13 bugs found.
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