Mon May 27 2019 11:11:46
I love you bugs!

20 bugs found.
ID Sev Pri OS Assignee Status Resolution Summary
6104 cri P1 Othe NEW e-transaction policy - AQI
6108 cri P1 Othe NEW Periodic critical processing cycles - AQI
6849 maj P3 Othe NEW configuration vs volume projection for scalability - AQI
6850 maj P3 Othe NEW mysql cluster version - AQI
6096 maj P3 Wind NEW OLTP Vs Reporting - AQI
6097 maj P3 Wind NEW Adhering to open data protocols - AQI
6101 maj P3 Othe NEW integrations are not clearly defined - AQI
6103 maj P3 Othe NEW Archiving data - AQI
6107 maj P3 Othe NEW manual entry of unused stamps - AQI
6113 maj P3 Othe NEW Scalability - AQI
6105 maj P3 Othe NEW Reports via WS - AQI
6294 maj P2 Othe REOP Fail over and request reliability - AQI
6106 maj P3 Othe REOP Notification delivery - AQI
6098 maj P3 Othe RESO FIXE Stamp printing - AQI
6099 maj P3 Othe RESO FIXE Data migration - AQI
6100 maj P3 Othe RESO FIXE beneficiary sync across IMESS and eSamurdhi - AQI
6109 maj P5 Othe RESO FIXE SMS number for messaging - AQI
6110 maj P5 Othe RESO FIXE portal framework - AQI
6111 nor P5 Othe RESO FIXE licensing compatibility - AQI
6112 maj P5 Othe RESO DUPL framework selection analysis - AQI
20 bugs found.
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